The Team

Gabriela's is fortunate to have a dedicated and long-standing family of employees.  Many of us have been here more than 10 years.  Our dedication to providing you the perfect place to celebrate with those you love is our passion.  Your joy is our joy!  Come get to know us!

Jaime Santos


Jaime Santos began his career at Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar in 1998.  He quickly became sous chef working under Gabriela's Uncle Hector.  Chef Santos reopened with us in 2006 and was celebrated with the Executive Chef title in 2015.  He continues to expand his knowledge and skills through culinary arts trainings and collaboration.  He is truly a master chef!

Moises Galarza

Director of Operations

Moises Galarza began with Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar as a server back in 2000.  Mr. Galarza quickly separated himself as a natural leader through his in depth knowledge of restaurant operations coupled with a long history in hospitality.   He is a Tequila aficionado, master mixologist, and is our master food taster as he reflects back to his childhood home in Mexico City.  Overseeing Gabriela's Restaurant,  Gabriela's Taqueria and other new projects,  Mr Galarza keeps our party rolling!

Edgar Rubiano


Edgar has been at Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar since 2007.  Another hospitality expert, Mr. Rubiano's passion for food and attention to detail has taken Gabriela's hospitality program to the next level.  Always willing to go the extra mile, Mr. Rubiano's dedication and focus on what matters makes him a natural leader.   He brings the spirit of celebration to every table!