SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!  The weatherman is calling for sunny skies and warming temperatures!  For us that means its time to Celebrate!  The cafe is now open daily, the palm tree's are on the way, and the neighborhood is ready to enjoy outside dinning on the Upper West Side!  

Margaritas, guacamole, a few of your best friends, and amazing and authentic Mexican food,  all while sitting outside in the warm spring eve!  What could be better!  We hope to celebrate with you soon!


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Happy Winter!   

For more than 20 years Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar has been an Upper West Side favorite, and beyond all the family gatherings we've shared, we have celebrated many wonderful occasions with you. Birthdays, Graduations, Retirements, Showers, Weddings and even an occasional Bar Mitzvah!   Now it's our turn to celebrate you!  As a special thanks for all the good times we wanted to offer something directly to you!

Please join us any Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night this winter and enjoy our:

Happy Hour Bar Menu
All Night Long!!!


Margaritas $7.50

House Rocks Lime Margarita  (100%Agave Tequila)

Frozen Margaritas $7.50

Mango, Strawberry, Rainbow, Pomegranate, Prickly Pear or Watermelon (All 100%Agave Tequila)

Draft Beers Small $5 Large $6

Modelo Special, Negra Modelo, Pacifico & Corona Light

Sangria $4.5

Red or White

White Wine $5

Aliento White, La Mancha, Spain

Arien grapes, Yellowish with green shades in color. Fresh and fruity aromas. Fresh light and clean finish.

Red Wine $5

Montpulciano, Argilla Rossa Abruzzo, Italy     

Medium-bodied, intense expressions of ripe cherry and raspberry with hints of cocoa & spice aromas

Blush Wine $4

White Zinfandel, Barefoot, California

At your table or at the bar.  All the same amazing margaritas and drinks, just at almost half the price.  It's the little things that count and we hope that this little thing brings you many celebrations well into the New Year!

Thank you for making us a UWS mainstay.  We hope to celebrate with you again soon!

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Celebrate Day of the Dead at Gabriela's with a free Margarita!

While Halloween is great fun, here at Gabriela's we celebrate Day of the Dead.  This holiday celebrates our ancestors and those who have passed before us.  Despite the name It is a celebration of life, of ours and those who are no longer with us. 

So come by on Halloween and get your tricks or treats, but join us in the Celebration on Wednesday Nov 2 with Face paint and you will get a free 8oz frozen margarita just for stopping by!  Enjoy tequila and beer promotions throughout the night.  

Gabriela's is where the Neighborhood comes to celebrate!  Come join the fun!




Finally Margarita Momma's everywhere are celebrating Back to School!   While some places have been in school for weeks already, New Yorkers are finally toasting their first day!   As we reconnect with friends after a long summer and share the excitement of our kids as they meet their new teachers and classmates, let’s not forget to celebrate ourselves!  We did a great job this summer!  Kids think summer happens without a care in the world, but us parents know better. Hours of research, planning, coordinating and money spent all come together to make a great family summer.   Whew, you did it! 

 So now let’s meet up for lunch at Gabriela's!  The weather is perfect to sit out on the cafe and catch up with friends without the little ones in tow.  Lets enjoy the freedom to converse like adults and toast each other with a mango margarita,  sip a sangria, or to heck with it, lets throw down some tequila!    Wow, this is almost civilized!  After all there’s only 179 more school days to plan for next summer!  

Please also don’t forget to check out Gabriela's Mom Night Out class packages!  We have the perfect place, vibe and price point for class parents to gather and celebrate the new school year!  Packages start at $35 all inclusive with a private area, apps and a meal, and a margarita all included!  Give us a call at 212-961-9600 to learn more. Hope to see you relaxing here soon!


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Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar is where the neighborhood comes to celebrate!  Everyone knows that Gabriela's is the go to place to celebrate all the little victories in life.  What victory are you celebrating?

Wahoo!  I signed that contract!  Its date night!  My  mom's birthday!  My daughters graduating!  My son got an A!  Our kids all have the same teacher!  Softball champions?  Retirement, wedding shower, birthday, or baby.  Hey  we don't even need a reason, I survived Monday, lets do chips and guac!!   Whomever your celebrating or whatever victory you have overcome, let Gabriela's provide you the perfect place to enjoy your friends and family!

Gabriela's was designed with you mind.  We all wish our apartments were big enough and cleared out enough to entertain friends at home dinner parties.   Friends visiting?  How do we celebrate their arrival in NYC style?   How about you grab one of our little rooms for 8 guests and spend a wonderful evening catching up.  Or a larger room for 16,  24, or 50.   There are no limits to what we can do.  Tasting menus, tequila events.... share your ideas with us and let us help you make it happen!

Our special events director will happily help you plan the perfect event for your Corporate group,  your family, your friends, or all of the above.   Standing margarita party with passed apps?  Family style sit down.  Full dinner,  Open bar?  Ten course tasting menu.  Tequila tastings and seminar.  Tight budget?  From parties of 2 to 150 we make it easy  for you to celebrate them, and for them to celebrate YOU!

And after all isn't that  what it is all about?  Find out what the neighborhood already knows.  Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar is the place to get comfortable, enjoy, and have fun with  your friends, family, and coworkers!  Lets turn an average night out into a celebration!

Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar is located at 688 Columbus ave @93rd st. NYC
Director of Special Events can be reached at 212-961-9100  or contact HERE
Please call soon to set your holiday plans!  

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You’re ready to celebrate, but you still want to pay attention to eating healthy foods? Go for the Guac! Guacamole is one of the healthiest snack foods you can dip your chips in!  It is packed with all of the health benefits of ripe avocados with the addition of all the other herbs and vegetables mixed in.  Guacamole provides a number of essential nutrients and minerals that help improve overall health.  Made with only the freshest, raw, and whole ingredients, Gabriela’s Guacamole is a true super-food!

Why is this? The main reason is the avocado, also known as the alligator pear. Avocados are rich in nutrients and minerals, making them a vital contributor to the Mexican diet.  The raw mashed avocado gives guacamole its unique creamy texture and taste, and still maintains all of the nutrients of the raw avocado.

Unsaturated Fat

<p>We all know that fat is bad for us, right?  Well, yes and no…saturated fats are bad for your body, but unsaturated fats actually serve your body a great service. Unsaturated fats have been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels and lessen your risk of cardiovascular disease.  Guacamole is a perfect source and provides a healthy dose of unsaturated fat.

Vitamin C

Celebrating with guac can also help boost your intake of vitamin C, because the main ingredients—avocado, tomato, and lime juice—are all great sources in of themselves.  One order of Gabriela’s Guacamole will provide around half the recommended daily intake for adults.  Vitamin C helps support the immune system, reduces cardiovascular disease, prevents eye disease, and keeps your skin healthy.  It strengthens your blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues.  Since Vitamin C may be the ideal nutrition marker for overall health it seems that guacamole is a great place to find it, right at the start of your meal!

Vitamin E

Next in the alphabet of healthy nutrients is Vitamin E, which helps slow down the damage to your cells caused by aging and disease. Vitamin E also helps your cells communicate with each other, and regulates the level of inflammation in your body. Each order of Gabriela’s Guacamole contains around 27 percent of your daily recommended intake of vitamin E, helping to preserve nerve health and muscle strength.

Vitamin K

Guacamole is also rich in vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting, helping to form the platelets that help prevent excessive bleeding from wounds. Another benefit from vitamin K is an improvement in your body’s capability to absorb and use calcium.


Potassium is a mineral which makes your heart beat!  And Avocados are chocked full of it.  Potassium helps your muscles to move, your nerves to work, and your kidneys to filter blood.  With over 1000mg in every cup, guacamole is a heart healthy mainstay!

Guacamole also contains many other essential minerals and nutrients, as well as being high in natural fiber.  Consider it a health snack for your celebration! 

So whether you’re celebrating making it through another Monday, or celebrating a birthday, retirement, or baby shower, Gabriela’s guacamole is the perfect choice for a fresh and healthy side dish to celebrate with!  No party should be without it!


CINCO DE MAYO at GABRIELA'S!  Where the Neighborhood comes to Celebrate!


CINCO DE MAYO at GABRIELA'S! Where the Neighborhood comes to Celebrate!

Cinco de Mayo is almost here!  Lets all celebrate the Battle of Puebla and be Mexican for the day!  Who cares if it's not a big holiday in Mexico.  It has become a day for the United States to celebrate Mexican Heritage,  and we are all in favor of that!

 The scaffolding has finally come down, the palm trees are in and the fans are slowly turning,  all just in time for our celebration!  Come join us in the fun on May 5th on the Upper West Side as we toast the occasion with delicious traditional food specials, drink and shot specials, tequila and beer company giveaways, and lots of Cinco De Mayo Shwag!  The party continues on Friday with additional Tequila promotions and extra special specials all weekend long.

  Mariachi Bustamante will be on hand from 7-10pm on the Fifth, keeping the fiesta going throughout the eve.  Super fun for the whole gang.  Gabriela's Restaurant and Tequila Bar is the place to be on the UWS this Cinco! The whole neighborhood will be here, don't miss out!    


St Patrick's Day at Gabriela's


St Patrick's Day at Gabriela's

Mexico has a rich tradition of Irish immigrants who came to Mexico during the same waves of immigration which reached Ellis Island.  At Gabriela's we celebrate that ancestry.    Since St. Patrick's day is a day when everyone is Irish, we are more than eager to join the Celebration. We like to celebrate all of the  heritage which have combined to make our countries great!

This year we are once again featuring our now Famous Corned Beef and Cabbage Burrito.   A yearly staple we look forward to its arrival every year!   Our Irish Broccoli soup is sure to be a hit as well.  Additionally you can be sure our Bar Tenders will be mixing up some special Shamrock Shakes for the day!  (adults only!)  Guinness and Jameson will be in the house and Beer and Liquor companies will be on hand with some giveaways!

So when you see the people falling out of the Irish Pub, keep walking!  Stop by Gabriela's at 93rd and Columbus and we will be celebrating St. Patrick Mexican style!  Its a beautiful day to celebrate being Irish!







Have a Thankgiving your family will never forget!  Leave the cooking and dirty dishes to us and come celebrate all we have to give thanks for! 

Our spacious dinning room and private rooms are available for your family party!  Call now to reserve your spot, they wont last long!

Enjoy our Thanksgiving Menu or our regular menu!  Pilgrims and Native Americans all enjoy a Margarita now and again!!

Gabriela’s Thanksgiving Menu




Sopa de Calabaza 8

Butternut Squash Soup

Ensalada Otoñal 15

White quinoa, mix greens, walnuts, dry cranberries, pumpkin seeds and avocado Tossed with honey chipotle dressing


Main Course

Gabriela’s Pavo Casero 27

Baked white or dark meat marinated with herbs,

Served with sautéed baby carrots, string beans, potato-apple salad and homemade turkey gravy or mancha manteles mole sauce.                          

Salmon Chipilo 26

Baked Atlantic salmon over chipilo sauce (mushrooms, sour cream, saffron, and chipotle). Served over green rice.

Entraña Otoñal 27

 Grilled skirt steak marinated with garlic. Served over more rice, topped with chimichurri sauce, and fried sweet plantains.  

Desserts 8

Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Coconut Flan

Be sure to check out our

Special Thanksgiving Margaritas!




We all know what dad really wants for Father's Day!   Skip the socks and tie,  return the singing bass, and consider celebrating dad with a Frosty Margarita and a heaping bowl of Guacamole!   There's no better way to tell dad how special he is to you!   You will be telling him that you really get him,  that you understand and appreciate all his stress and hard work that he has put forth to provide for you.  Dad just wants to kick back, relax, and be appreciated a little.  Not a lot, just a little.  Gabriela's is here to make it easy for you to celebrate in a relaxed friendly manner.  Enjoy our dinner specials, our specialty drinks, our incredible outdoor cafe.  Maybe keep an eye on the World Cup.  Just add you and its everything Dad really wants.   There's lots going on at Gabriela's and we want to celebrate with you!     Make your reservations today!


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Gabriela’s Restaurant and Tequila Bar is proud to announce and welcome you to our new venture!  Gabriela’s Taqueria is open within the brand new Times Square eatery, City Kitchen!  City Kitchen, a multi vendor food market, brings the best of NYC to Times Square.  Located within the lobby of Row NYC at 44th and 8th, City Kitchen is poised to change the Times Square food landscape.  City Kitchen is designed to bring Times Square visitors and locals alike the opportunity to try some of the city’s most desired and buzzed about food concepts, without having to travel to taste them!

We are exceptionally proud to be included among an amazing and inspiring list of chefs and local entrepreneurial success stories such as Dough, Box ilili, Whitman’s Burgers, Luke’s Lobster, Ippudo Ramen and Azuki Sushi.   City Kitchen will be the place local New Yorkers frequent when forced into Times Square!  Offering something for everyone there will be no better place for a quick bite pre or post theater, or whenever you happen through the neighborhood.

Gabriela’s Taqueria offers a wide selection of our taco’s crafted with homemade ingredients and tortilla’s made as you watch.  A full breakfast taco selection will add to neighborhoods lack of breakfast options.  A selection of our legendary neighborhood favorites, such as our Pollo Yucateco (rotisserie chicken), Camerones Rellons (jalapeno stuffed jumbo shrimp), empanadas and ceviche will round out the menu.   A selection of Mexican beers and sodas will also be available.

Finally after many years of turning down offers to expand, the perfect opportunity in the perfect location has come our way.   We are incredibly proud and excited to have been hand chosen for this project and we couldn't be happier or more excited about our new hosts and market neighbors.   Our new counter service model will introduce many people to our brand of quality and service, and let you get your Gabriela’s fix even when away from the Upper West Side!

So next time your in Times Square, don’t fret the food options.  Head right over to 44th and 8th and taste some of the best flavors the city has to offer!  Quick and Easy! We hope to see you soon!

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Its been a long winter and just when you think its over, Mother Nature whacks us with another cold spell.  Well we have just about had enough,  and the crocus seems to agree as they are starting to pop out all over our cafe.    Warm weather is coming and with that the start of the outdoor dining season.    The palm trees have been ordered and before long our neighbors will be casually sipping frozen margaritas under them.  The lazy fans and our oasis like feel makes Gabriela's outdoor cafe one of the very best outdoor dinning spots on the UWS. There is no better place to be.  Whether you are celebrating date night as a couple, or a family reunion of 50, Gabriela's is where the neighborhood comes to Celebrate!   So come and find out what everyone has been talking about.  When your ready to kick back and relax swing by and say hi, we will be waiting for you!